Wisdom is like the fruit of a tree
They must come to maturity
Picked too early and eaten
It will not become

Fear not to be the wise way
But it is wise to find
Otherwise the blossom will
Blow away in the wind

It bides his time and shows its fruit
In understated splendor
And does not participate in all the haste
To equal in wild chase


My son Joey left last night to Maleisia yet again to do some specialists work on the Solitaire. I wish him a swell time.


Solitaire  is the largest pipelaying vessel in the world and has set new standards in the pipelay industry.
Operational since 1998 and optimised for laying medium and large diameter pipelines at high speed, she is highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.

Precise manoeuvring on full dynamic positioning (DP) allows Solitaire to work safely in congested areas and lay pipes in very deep water.
Pipeline start-ups and lay-downs are executed in very quick time ensuring that any disruption to other activities near platforms is minimised.

Due to her length and ship shape, she can accommodate multiple work stations and a greater pipe hold capacity, while her independence from anchor handlers and large buffer capacity ensure she is less
reliant on offshore pipe supply.

Solitaire  has achieved pipelay speeds in excess of 9 km/day, operating the latest version of Phoenix, the automatic welding system developed and manufactured in-house.
As a result of the large number of welding stations on board, Solitaire  is capable of installing over 1,000 km of pipeline in a single year, while her average pipelaying speed on large projects is almost double that of the largest competing lay vessels.

Solitaire  has laid numerous deepwater pipelines. In 2007 she set the world record for ultra-deepwater pipeline installation, laying pipe to a depth of 2,775 m (9,100 ft) in the Gulf of Mexico.Solitaire’s high cruising speed, high laying speed and substantial carrying capacity make her highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.



Traces in the sky


Your thoughts are a reality
They will never perish
Their operation is mysteriously
It encourages the creation of

So good, so evil, they continue to work
A blessing or danger
Be more careful and conscious
What do you do to others

Gaze up in sincere respect
The infinite game
If you see your traces in the sky
Is it good? Does it well?



My hands are searching in the dark
Vain for a tangible proof
Dazed in my desperation
Sufficating in sorrow
Would I not trade my life
To return all this suffering
To give my life for you
Joyfully start again
Now I am here without you
With empty hands
All my love left
A dream shattered
You will always be with me

My Moment


Why would you miss this chance
This is my moment
The clash of anxieties and dreams
This is my moment
I don’t want to hold back
This is my moment
I want to be free to dance
This is my moment
Are you going with me?
Or do you let me go
Do not hold me tight
do not stop me
let me fall
do not cling onto me
This is my moment
Let me fear
but I m not afraid
Let me fall
And I am back on my feet
Give me love
Because this is my moment

No time left

20140515_160351 20140515_171516 20140516_141717

I know I am a busy girl, but this time I am way in over my head.

I am going to make 6 little girls dresses.

Uh you don’t think that is strange?

Well… they have to be ready in 2 weeks time.

And my sewingmachine is in the shop for repaires, so it’s all handwork.

And I am in the middle of building a new kitchen.

Just finished the painting of the windowpane

I am climbing the stairs alot these days.

All of my things are spreaded over the house.

And I have still 4 paintings to finish before june 20th.

And it is time for another poem.

Ohhhh, I need some more time.

Can’t we change the 24 hours into a 36 hours day?





What drives you again and again to stress
that turmoil in your soul
the answer is simple
you are no longer in control

Environment, your work, the others
they always get the blame
But really you have to look
at your own impatience in shame

By becoming not accepting
the world offering you dreams
Aim yourself at realisation
from that which is or seems

So you make through your own thinking
a repressed wildness for yourself
And every exclamation of protest resounds
in your spiritual depths in and of itself

So you try to spend less time
for energy with things that strife
to achieve some balance and peace
instead of yearning smoldering your life

The Butterfly Light award

My babygirl Patty http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/ nominated me for the The Butterfly Light Award!


I am very proud and honored to receive this beautiful award from you. I love you unconditionally.


  • You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. YOU MAY NOT lump this award in with other awards.
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How I’m Spreading Light

My blog is a new one. It is filled with poetry and scribbles sprouted from my crazy mind, creations with a little help from all those pretty pictures on the internet, and proverbs and sayings from the best in the world.

I know everybody needs a soft and tender touch and feel that they are special. I share their worries and fears and give help in facing the impossible.

A loving word to make your day is sometimes all it takes to make you smile.

My nominee

Booknvolume http://booknvolume.com/

There is a special collection of poetry in combination with beautiful pictures.

Of course you never have to accept an award, just know that you are appreciated!



Patty van Delft

Welkom op deze gloednieuwe site van Patty van Delft, de schrijfster van de fantasy trilogie Drägan Duma.


Op deze site kun je informatie vinden over de boeken en de schrijfster, exclusief artwork bewonderen en word je op de hoogte gehouden van alle nieuwtjes rondom deze serie en kun je op de voet volgen wat er allemaal komt kijken bij het schrijven en publiceren van een boek.


Als je niets wilt missen kun je in het menu links op de ‘Volg button’ klikken en ontvang je alle nieuwe posts automatisch in je email!

Veel leesplezier!



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