No time left

20140515_160351 20140515_171516 20140516_141717

I know I am a busy girl, but this time I am way in over my head.

I am going to make 6 little girls dresses.

Uh you don’t think that is strange?

Well… they have to be ready in 2 weeks time.

And my sewingmachine is in the shop for repaires, so it’s all handwork.

And I am in the middle of building a new kitchen.

Just finished the painting of the windowpane

I am climbing the stairs alot these days.

All of my things are spreaded over the house.

And I have still 4 paintings to finish before june 20th.

And it is time for another poem.

Ohhhh, I need some more time.

Can’t we change the 24 hours into a 36 hours day?



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