Dedicated to Danny. Happy 8th anniversary my love!

I know she loves him. I love him too.
She is my daughter-in-law.
I know he loves her. I love her too.
He is my son.
Happy anniversary Patty and Danny


happy-anniversaryToday is our 8th anniversary of marriage.

How someone managed to stay married to me for 8 years and still haven’t had enough of me is a miracle, but I don’t question it for a second! 😉


 This is dedicated to the love of my life. Danny, I love you so much!




Hesitating rays of sunlight

Kissing the morning dew

Softly pushing away the night

And I see you


Dawn awakens in glory

The sky purple and blue

Wonderful and breathtaking beauty

And I touch you


The lazy sun arises

This golden colored preview

A sight that still amazes

And I hold you


Morning is here

Fresh and sparkling new

Another day’s premier

And I kiss you

Just Patty


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