Happy birthday Carolina


She is real, she is fun
She has a beautiful smile
Like the radiation of the sun
You love to be around for a while

Her house her pride and joy
Her hubby which she loves so dear
Her doggie playful with its toy
Their love grows every year

Today it is her birthday
She turns the big 5 0
But on this special tuesday
It really doesn’t show

So my pretty lady girlfriend
I wish you many years to come
You saved all the cards I’ve send
You know where they came from

From a heart filled with peace
Of oneness and harmony
Our friendship will increase
This is our path of destiny

Happy birthday Carolina

A Normal Day


I said no but you still started to talk
I said no but you wouldn’t stop
I said no but you started to stalk
I said no but you wouldn’t let it drop

All the subtle warnings you didn’t understand
All the obvious signs you missed
All the advice slipped like grains of sand
All the hints dismissed with a flick of your wrist

When are you listening to what I have to say
When are you finding the things I want to do
When are you acting to what I want today
When are you hearing the words that are true

You think yourself so clever
So quick to understand
You think you’re right forever
Bright and skilled and competent

But although I will not act direct
I assure you there will
An answer you likely don’t expect
A promise I shall fulfill

To be true to me and mine
In spite of all that I might loose
I know that I will be fine
And there will be no more excuse

For listening to words I don’t want to hear
For not finding the things I really care about
For all the smiles I paid so dear
For all the love I can live without

So my dearest pretender I say goodbye
You’re not welcome on my life’s path
I know I gave it a last try
I will be strong in my wrath


For my birthday boy


Today is the birthday of my eldest son Joey.
He is 36 and I am so thankful that he is here, for just a few weeks ago he took that same flight to Malaysia.
The day he got back from his journey he took his girls to the beach.
Pockets full with shells and a most gracious memory.
So I made a special layout with my poem Treasure hunt for him and his beautiful daughters.
I wish you many years of happiness and inner wisdom.

The iron road


The great white bird took them up
The missile brought them down
The iron road brings them home
The hurt is felt in every town

Because someone wants to make a point
Because someone is not prepared to obey
Because someone wants to be top man
Because someone is not prepared to play

By the rules we all agreed upon
By the rules we could all survive
By the rules we abide to live
By the rules we strive to be alive

Not In My Lifetime


You hurt me so bad that I will never overcome
The evilness of your so-called righteousness
You made me doubt and lonesome
My brain can’t wrap around your libelous

No matter what, I won’t forget
Your terrible ways of destroying
It’s best I act as if we never met
So I can remember my days enjoying

The fun, the freedom and the joy
Of living in the here and now
I am gladly turning away from your annoy
I still can’t understand how

I let you mess within my life
I thought I was stronger than that
I have seen enough pain and strife
I am not sure what you were really at

But I am sure you’re the worst hypocrite I know
The most vicious man I’ve ever met
I shall never forgive you, it is better so
Nothingness is exactly what you get



I  thought you were my friend
But your laughs were not sincere
You were acting as my best friend
But when I need you, you’re not here

I thought friends would stick together
And of all the times we spent
It makes me wonder whether
You ever were a real friend

Was I real or just a pastime
I thought friends would always be there
But you started my name to begrime
And you were busy elsewhere

So this will be my last mistake
Of choosing the wrong friend
It spares me some stomach ache
Just need to learn how to pretend