Little Miss Sunshine


She is always my little miss Sunshine
She is at any time here for me
Although we don’t have the same bloodline
We are family as always meant to be

She is just like a fairy, tiny and frail
But in her loving she is very strong
And in lifting me up she will never fail
In her heart forever is where I belong

She is my bicycle, with wheels that turn around
She’ll never give up, push you to great heights
And still manage to stay firm on the ground
When clouds are dark she gives you hope and lights

She is a bundle of happiness and bliss
Like wind in your hair and sunshine on your face
Pure joy is the sweetest part of this
The friendship to each other time will not erase

Our lives are like redwood framed windows
Easy to lean on and with a marvelous view
Just the addition of a few pillows
And the restful thoughts that I pursue

We are kindred spirits, friends of the old
We called it anam cara many years ago
In the time of fairies and pots of gold
We are heart friends with silver strings, I know

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