I’m struck

I notice that something is not quite right as my normal
heart rate increases from 68 to 110 beats per minute. I
start to sweat a little. I lie on my back with my knees on
either side of my head and my butt in the air. The fireman
is trying to push a large fire hose in my bowels. When he
succeeds he puts me up on my feet and stands behind me. He
firmly grabs my breasts and when he squeezes, my mouth
automatically goes wide open. There comes a big jet of
water out. The harder he squeezes, the more powerful the
beam. If he squeezes my left breast, my head goes to the
left and when he squeezes my right breast, my head is
turning to the right. The fireman has not yet realized that
the harder he squeezes the higher the fire flares up. My
heart is now in the frantic pace of 180 beats per minute.
Then my subconscious comes suddenly to life and I realize
the water is freezing. An icy cry escapes my lips and I cry
Bathed in sweat I wake up. I lie stretched out in my bed,
my love is on his side and rubs gently over my naked belly.
“Nightmare darling?” He asks friendly.
“Ahhhhhhh.” More words don’t come past my vocal cords, and
a moment later when the shivers come down my spine, I know
I’m struck by the first wave of the flue.

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