Pen pals


She told me she had a friend
They are writing once in awhile
Playful memories without end
About anything with a smile

Or sometimes with a tear in her eyes
Because life isn’t always fair
This friendship is a blessing in disguise
Because they are always there

For each other when needed the most
A friendly word, a blowing kiss
And when the letter comes with the post
It will bring them both some bliss

This year they have a celebration
Of a friendship of 50 years
Such a long relation
They have seen laughter and tears


Star sign


I am a restless spirit
Filled with nervous energy
A powerful lesson I inherit
Always in need for synergy

At multitasking I am great
Enjoying socializing and talking
Never losing control of my fate
Balancing the thin line I’m walking

I love ideas to exchange
Symbolizing interaction
Nothing seems to be strange
Just for my own satisfaction

My life is spent in the arms of love
A life of ease and unfading youth
And looking at the stars above
I know that I will find my truth

I am adaptable and flexible
Much aware of my immortality
I know I am incredible
Loving my dual personality

This is what my birth sign explains
This is really me, this is where my world begins
It is something that keeps me in chains
I am Gemini, two part of the twins

Blessed be


What makes the power of nature
The overwhelming view of the world
The urge of the goddess to nurture
The magic and wisdom unfurled

Why is it that we worship the mother
And the maiden is being praised
We learn to accept each other
A perfect blend of how we are raised

The love of the earth within us is deep
Our free spirited mind will help us through
And when our lovely earth is asleep
The worshipped goddess gives us view

Of a new awareness of what is worth
The sky, the ocean or the tree
And the constant renewal of the earth
For we are one, blessed be

Misty rain and autumn time


Misty rain and autumn time
The changing phases of the season
The leafs are now falling in rhyme
The turning of the earth has its reason

It is preparing us for gratitude
For all living things on earth
We need a little change to solitude
The appreciation for all things worth

An insight in the melancholy mood
Just like the autumn colors spread
We are grateful for our food
Our clothes, the roof over our head

We take some time to think about
Our family and friends
To give them shelter no doubt
And everybody wants amends

I’m longing for a summer breeze
Just for one more time
One last look at the mystic seas
The sea surf so sublime

And then I will turn around
Towards the splendor of the fall
The powerful and mighty sound
Of the leafs on branches tall

Do you love me enough


Will you marry me, do you love me enough
It is important for me to know
Am I now calling your bluff
I need an answer, I want to grow

I can’t make sense of what you want
You keep coming back to me
Your soul is here to haunt
I can’t get myself free

Today you love me, tomorrow you leave
Today my soul is shaking
Today you are staying, tomorrow I grieve
Tomorrow my heart will be breaking

I am desperate to tell you how I feel
How much I care for you
But I don’t think for you it’s real
I doubt you ever knew

How you made my heart soar
In my thoughts you’ll always be
I love you forever more
I don’t want to set you free

Where will I be


Where will I be when I reached the end
Where am I going when I cross the line
Will all my fights be ment
Will my loved ones be fine

Can I live with sadness
Can I die with regret
Can I still feel the madness
Or is it a blessing I will forget

Will I leave with a smile in my heart
Or are the tears flowing down my face
Will I feel defeated and fall apart
Or shall I bow to life and leave with grace

Am I in the company of strangers
Or are my friends and family around
Am I glad I left this world and all its dangers
Or is there so much more to be found



She stood alone against the wall of the room
Her eyes were roaming over the crowd
Her gaze was off putting and you would assume
She wore a sign: ‘friendship not allowed’

But instead she was looking for the one
The only person who would see
Beyond the urge to go on the run
And saw her as she truly could be

If anyone would give her a chance
To look beyond the first impression
And search for more than just a glance
Or only see her bleak expression

They would see an amazing girl
Full of wonderful imagination
With a large fantasy to unfurl
And a great feeling for conversation

She turned away and almost left the room
When a hand was laid on her arm
A knight in his magnificent costume
Whispered I do you no harm

But will you share this dance with me
And tell me how you are
Because as far as I can see
You are my shining star

I see beyond your sadness
The suffering and the bruise
Your folly and your madness
The sorrow and the blues

I see a girl with a great smile
An eagerness for life and joy
And although you can cry for a while
There’s no one that can destroy

Your inner beauty and your dreams
The cheerfulness and charms
You’ll never lose that so it seems
As long as you fit in my arms