Little girls


Two beautiful little girls
My grandchildren six and four
With the brightest smiles on their faces
They are always asking for more

Grandma, will you paint my nails
Grandpa, can I play with your keys
Grandma, a few more kisses
Grandpa, one last story please

Two little children having so much fun
Curious of the world around
Glittering eyes of mischief
And the best love you ever found



You are the sunshine in my life
When you are around all seems bright
The world displays shades of colour
All I need is a splash of light

Of all the flowers in the world
The yellow ones I like the best
They’ll always lead me to your love
With you I lay my heart to rest

Look at inifinity


With her look at infinity
She stood still waiting for the train
And leaving everything behind
No one left, nothing to explain

She was all alone in this world
No better half or even friends
Everyone was already gone
Nobody there to make amends

The train was almost arriving
She heard the soughing of a wave
A distinct sound of the whistle
She took the last step to her grave



Today …
I will love exuberant
My eyes are shining clear
Nice things are happening
I don’t know how to fear

Tomorrow …
I urge my heart to restraint
The sun maybe gone
I don’t hear what you’re saying
I choose a path of dawn

Today …
I am a dreamer
I hear what the song tells
I fantasize of romance
I hear tunes of freedom and spells

Tomorrow …
The scars are back
I only comprehend goodbyes
My heart is bleeding
I sense lovers cries

Today …
My pride goes on the run
I know what all people say
The memories will remain
I am doing it my own way

Tomorrow …
The madness is overwhelming
I forget about starting anew
Devil and angel interflow
I forget about me and you

Today …
I feel there is nothing wrong
The whispers soothe my mind
I can slay all my demons
All is good and aligned

The endless end


There is so much I need to do
To write some stories, at least a few
But there’s nothing in my brain
In any case not something new

I want to write about life and laughter
Of roses and feeling blue
The sense of living and memories
Or the passion I shared with you

But on this day there’s naught to share
I don’t know where my inspiration went
Maybe in the vast empty depth of my mind
Just at the end of the endless end

A shadow in the shade


The feelings came back in a whisper
Just like a shadow in the shade
With closed eyes she searched her memory
And suddenly she was afraid

This new feeling was irresistible
Although she had her share of love
She had never felt this yearning before
Like the touch of a velvet glove

His embrace broke down her defences
The iron bars around her heart
Their bodies pleasurable entwined
She lost herself right from the start

Her sensual body pressed to his
The sensitive kiss was deeply felt
His caress made her loose her sense
Her heart suddenly began to melt

Was this emotion the real thing
Or was it just some feverish lust
Was she destined for magical times
And was this man worth her love and trust

Every minute she spent with him
She felt safe in his strong embrace
Dreams turning into reality
Finding herself in an endless chase


She called him out


For a fleeting moment he felt a sudden shock
She called him out to display her his emotion
But he wouldn’t want his pent-up heart to unlock
Although he loved her by absolute devotion

She was constantly in his thoughts
Filled the emptiness of his soul
She was his line between the dots
Her touch made him lose his control

She was the beginning of his world
And also the end when time stood still
Yearning made his emotions unfurled
A predatory hunger to fill

A soul-searching kiss from her stirred his blood
Deriving pleasure and flames of desire
Her caress filled him with overwhelming flood
His eyes did sparkle his devotion’s fire