When time passes by


When time passes by and you don’t know where you have been
You need to reflect of all the things you let within

It is the moment to consider your direction
The real purpose of your life and your true intention

To let go of the people who let you down and leave
To say soothing words of farewell and take time to grieve

This way you create space for ideas and a restart
To dream of and design your life as a work of art

Shake your sorrows and your pains and leave your gloom behind
Get yourself spiritual freedom and peace of mind

The world can run without you for awhile, bask your life
Because all quarrel and troubles of mankind is rife

So to all of you I wish to share this prophecy
It is my solemn but valuable philosophy

Christmas expectations

Christmas expectations

It is the night before Christmas
The house is hung with mistletoe
The tree is full of bells and balls
And finished with a Christmas bow

For everyone there’s a present
Railroad on the floor for the trains
The air is filled with orange scent
And bowls are full with candy canes

Above the hearth stockings and hats
The girls are dressed like porcelain dolls
The wreath is a feast for the cats
Sticky fingers from biscuit rolls

In the house it’s warm and cosy
You stand near the heat of the stove
You feel all relaxed and rosy
Fragrance of oranges and clove

We sit on the porch with mittens
We hear the reindeers on the roof
We love the puppies and kittens
And soft sounds of a scraping hoof

You can nigh taste the hot chocolate
The window reflects candlelight
The first snow is but a droplet
There will be a party tonight

We all wear red coats and white boots
For that first sleigh ride in the snow
We like to go back to our roots
Cause family brings a happy glow

So if there is one wish to make
You surely know what that might be
I’d like to give the world a shake
Love one another is the key

Dusk world


The memory of our kiss still flaring bright
You burned that kiss into my soul
You set my entire life alight
You make me misplace all control

I submit myself to my silent screams
Can I ask for a chance to love
Or will you steal my hopeless dreams
And are you staying there above

Was it all a fantasy which will end
The moment I open my eyes
Did I imagine and pretend
And did I only hear my cries

There is just one more thing I need to do
Before I post my wishing list
And that is counting all the stars
In the dusk world where you exist



Complaining, complaining, nothing else I hear
When it is not too short, it sure is too long
When it’s not too weak, it surely is too strong
Please let all your yammering just disappear

I do not think we have nothing left to spare
We can give the homeless some suitable meals
And try to understand how he really feels
We must be honest and not walking on air

Instead of magnify the Christmas disease
Can we give a hand to the children worldwide
Can we for once let anyone stand outside
Instead of insincere bending on our knees

As long as we have a roof over our head
And a exorbitant meal on the table
Do you ever think humankind is able
To try and wipe off the tears the children shed

This is meant to let you encounter unease
Please will you look at them and not close your eyes
Don’t make loud noises to obviate the cries
Oh, can we finally stop complaining please

Christmas Time


We are ready for a joyful Christmas time
For chestnuts and cream apple pie
The tinkling of a silver chime
And tiny lights in the tree up high

We are waiting for family and friends
To gather around the Christmas tree
To share our love and make amends
And children bouncing on our knee

Can we be this Christmas together
And forget about our strifes
Just wish for snowy weather
And a bit of fun in our lives

We do our best to keep a positive mind
And make it a joyous celebration
Not only because we are kind
But out of love and hopeful aspiration

My special boy

Special boy

Look at my beautiful child
The symptoms may be mild
But he needs special care
And all the love we share

He is an autistic little boy
And gives us so much joy
Always a smile on his face
Take him in your embrace

Because a cuddle he likes best
We truly are feeling blessed
When the joy reaches his eyes
You’re feeling he is your prize



I am dreaming the night away
Making up stories you won’t believe
But when I’m awake during the day
There is nothing I can achieve

Because when the sun is shining
My thoughts disappear like cotton wool
And all dreams with a silver lining
Fading until the moon is full

Only then I can write my thoughts down
In the early hours of the night
The rhymes are easy flowing around
Help me carefree towards the light

Stormy Weather


Did you hear the call of my lonely heart
It is one clear silvery note ringing through
Every moment in time we are apart
You are hearing the same, you know it’s true

I am sure our hearts will hear each other
Even if we are in different times
We will never let the yearning smother
Our endless love is synchronised in rhymes

A distant bolt of mercury lights up
Every time we’ll try to be together
I’ll catch your love in a transparent cup
To have some supply in stormy weather

17 different ladies


17 different ladies
Creating fantastic things nice
They will do their uttermost best
Never to make creations twice

Every year they are present
When the contest starts anew
They are always curious
To know how and if they grew

The competition is fierce
They all know that at the start
Still they come back every year
Because they want to take part

And at the end of the party
They leave with regrets in their heart
A solid memory received
In the form of a handmade card


If you are curious what they made, come and visit my website: http://marnysensation.nl/mswedstrijd/Start/Indexpagina.html