Christmas expectations

Christmas expectations

It is the night before Christmas
The house is hung with mistletoe
The tree is full of bells and balls
And finished with a Christmas bow

For everyone there’s a present
Railroad on the floor for the trains
The air is filled with orange scent
And bowls are full with candy canes

Above the hearth stockings and hats
The girls are dressed like porcelain dolls
The wreath is a feast for the cats
Sticky fingers from biscuit rolls

In the house it’s warm and cosy
You stand near the heat of the stove
You feel all relaxed and rosy
Fragrance of oranges and clove

We sit on the porch with mittens
We hear the reindeers on the roof
We love the puppies and kittens
And soft sounds of a scraping hoof

You can nigh taste the hot chocolate
The window reflects candlelight
The first snow is but a droplet
There will be a party tonight

We all wear red coats and white boots
For that first sleigh ride in the snow
We like to go back to our roots
Cause family brings a happy glow

So if there is one wish to make
You surely know what that might be
I’d like to give the world a shake
Love one another is the key

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