I sow the seed that makes life fun
To create new life under the sun
Life will give us more than tension
It expands to a new dimension
Someday, but not today

There are so many things to do
It will be far too much to chew
When I stop writing of wonderment
Of love and cries I have spent
Someday, but not today

When love no longer brightens up my day
And my vision turns into grey
I’ll stop telling you I need your kiss
And it is your touch that I wil miss
Someday, but not today

Moral courage


“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”
It seems to be for most people an oddity
Because what they want takes at any time precedence

Only few people will stand up for what is right
And know where they belong in time, space or dimension
The rare who will criticize and put up a fight
Who don’t seem to care about adapt or convention

There are those who are doing what has to be done
Some say they are heroes but they will say they are not
It is just that they have fearlessly overwon
The terrifying cleverness of the gordian knot

Against all odds, they will continue to protect
And they stand up for the vulnerable and the weak
Whatever they do, they always earn our respect
Because the sanctuary of our world is unique


“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”

© Quote by Robert F Kennedy

This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge

A little magic in the air



There is a little magic in the air
Not much but just enough to entwine
The delightful feeling of the flare
Of the shooting star that will shine

There is a little magic in the air
It’s influencing the course of events
Like when the dive of the falcon midair
Is abruptly interrupted, death prevents

There is a little magic in the air
It can change your state of mind
Don’t know if you will be aware
The deeply felt sensation of this kind

There is a little magic in the air
The universe is patiently waiting
For the enjoyment of a love affair
For the power of the feverish mating

There is a little magic in the air
But you have to be a magician
You genuinely need to prepare
When you are on a passionate mission

There is a little magic in the air
The living web of driven energy
There is nothing to compare
The honest magic of synergy

The Shakespeare café



See the streets of delightful paradise
The cosy cafe of the man so wise
That even a few centuries later
We stil assume he was even greater
Than the paramount man we ever knew
At any rate from our point of view

But then when you take an amended look
At what he wrote in his first-folio book
He disregard to take sufficient time
Wrote thoughtful words and rhymed because of rhyme
There is no inhibition to be fair
He just penned some single words of despair

Our brilliant Shakespeare you must commend
Lived his life and his art to comprehend
His own greatness and lost years of his youth
To clever use his words, present his truth
If you have read his words you must agree
He only is as excellent as me

He composes in syllables of ten
Then the same rhythm can come out my pen
And if he can write about lovers lost
Of sensations that lovers trust is crossed
What will prevent me from doing the same
I can think of my poems without shame


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge



He was disrupting her somehow
She thought he would hurt her again
But she should be real strong for now
She would not give in to the pain

She was sitting on the cold floor
And really wished that she was tough
She couldn’t take it anymore
And finally thought it was enough

Would she ever set herself free
Or was she destined for a fall
Was there a tiny chance to be
And would she not have lost it all

She contemplated, reached within
Drifted away, let herself out
Remembered how the start has been
At lenght was finished with doubt

It was the last straw, she would go
She was leaving this very night
Because of all the things she’d know
She was going to be alright

I am a peacock


I am a peacock
I have beautiful feathers
Look at how I can sway and swing
All colours in all weathers
It almost feels as if I’m king

I am a peacock
I am the scintillant star
I am in the constellation
You can see me from afar
I look like an exaltation

I am a peacock
I’m the egg of Fabergé
Fair enamelled and engraved gold
It’s rarely seen on display
The expensive rubies look bold

I am a peacock
I am proud and I am vain
Look how I flaunt my perfect fan
I’ll always pretend or feign
That I’m the impeccable man


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge  

The silent march


We are walking the silent march
With heavy sorrow in our heart
We try to hide all of our scars
Wish we will never be apart

But some misguided men will tell
The twisted truth of their belief
They are under some kind of spell
Killing humans gave them relief

Does it help these silent marches
To alleviate the worst of pain
Does it help to stand like starches
Cry dry tears and feeling insane

Please try to keep your head up high
And enter this day without fear
This eventually will pass by
Truthful love is hovering near



I’m not a racist, I love all people
I am not preaching from a steeple
I hate religious terrorists who wants to rule the world
Who think they can change our pattern whorled

The largest mass destruction is being conducted in the name of allah
You are missing the crucial brain part amygdala
If you want to believe, believe in humanity, in love
Not in an ethereal creature somewhere above

If I find that you are worse than a beast
And now I am fairly mild to say the least
Then that is my right of mind
Because of all that I am, I am not blind

It is not up to you to punish us
You are just a mean human cuss
If you can’t respect my life then that’s the obliteration of you
You won’t exist very long and that’s my point of view

If you are so desperate to meet with your creator
Don’t turn the rest of us into a hater
Just leave this world the same way you came
As dust to dust but with big shame

Je suis Charlie




Who are you to take our art away
Who are you to make us hurt
Who are you to make us obey
Who are you to take us your dirt

You really think that when you are near
We get our lives completely sealed
We stop living because of the fear
And we never will be healed

Who are you to think you are the ruler of our world
Who are you to take away the life of me
Who are you to make us tightly furled
Who are you to choke us of not feeling free

Freedom of expression is our top priority
We don’t need a god ruling, we don’t need a crown
And because we are still a majority
You will never get us down


Reflections on a window


I look outside and see the world pass by
When I close my eyes I see reflection
Because I realise that when I watch
I only see part of a collection

I see myself on the different side
Trying to look at my intricate life
But all I see is illumination
Of a hot-headed and discordant strife

It’s only in the middle of the night
When it’s silent and all the lights turned low
That I can distinguish a life’s journey
I see a reflection, a shade of glow

When the night light radiates in my eyes
And I can have peace with my existence
I know I can embrace the whole wide world
So easy without any resistance

So if you just let me in my night life
I will be as satisfied as can be
Because in the end all there is to know
The reflections are solely seen by me


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge