Lost in nothing


Superstorm Sandy, her name sounds so nice
Does she come free, or does it have a price
Is she just a girl, or is it a song
Is it somewhat good, or is something wrong

There was not enough chance to run and climb
Although they gave us a warning in time
To leave early and get out of the bay
We were still surprised and were swept away

Why are people so fully ignorant
Independent and spirit inherent
That they won’t listen to good suggestions
Only answer questions with more questions

When the floods came, we were lost in nothing
The whirlwind left us with nought or something
The full swollen rivers flooded our lands
Nowhere to hide, it was out of our hands

The wind was assaulting time after time
And when the hurricane was pass its prime
It left us with total devastation
Loss of lives and chattels desolation


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge

Your hands are signs of love


I look at my old hands and smile
They have been hurting for awhile
They look like parchment and are frail
Unsteady, delicate and pale

They have worked hard and for so long
They gave solace, they can be strong
My sore fingers are oddly bent
But still I am fine and content

‘Cause what I see is all that’s good
They loved a lot and understood
The power of consolation
Of awareness and creation

Grandmother’s hands are just a gem
I would never try to hide them
Every imperfection and scar
I know how beautiful they are


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


My little angel


My little angel

I ask my angel for forgiveness
The tears are falling down my face
If there was only a possibility
I would have folded you in my embrace

It made no sense, you looked so fine
Are you a lost angel now with lucent wings
I lost my way, wanted to show you all my love
I would have given you delightful things

You are playing with my heartstrings
I still sing you a song everyday
About a little taste of heaven
I will never forget, I’ll never go away

I’ll try to hold you in everlasting time
But a guardian angel guide you home
Angel Dust is floating down my head
I wipe my tears away, now I am alone


The vibrates of the strings



The silence is deafening in my head
I don’t know if this day will be sad
The music arises brisk and strong
I can’t imagine that something’s wrong

The music enfolds, the orchestra begins
The ravishing energy gracefully sings
I can feel the melody all in my soul
It’s the harmony which make me take control

Against my heart I feel the vibrates of the strings
Suddenly the delightful enchantment begins
The melodious lines that make us wiggle and dance
The happy tinkle jingles that gives us a chance

I can hear the instruments’ elegant play
Their excellent performance is on display
I let my burning tears flow, my heart perceived
The music takes my sadness, I am relieved


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge



Smoky pub on a rainy night



Will there ever be an amount of time that I don’t feel the smite
Of the loss of that song in a smoky pub on a rainy night
Will I forget the magnitude of losing my foolish mind
And the musical fascination of the love I leave behind

Where can I find the magic I need if I want to change the world
The scars upon my flesh are healed but the wound to my heart is whirled
Do I carry all the power inside myself to gain control
Like in the tearful songs you hear the breaking of your heart and soul

The eagerness to live beyond everlasting time and places
To forget about the nasty moments and the lurid faces
Will it be an illusion of the fear I want to leave behind
Or is it my expectation and foolish heart that has been blind

You realise that we are the only ones who can free ourselves
The moment when you fling the windows and pick your soul from the shelves
And after a multitude of holes, valleys and high mountaintops
The dejection and loneliness slows you down but it never stops

That broken hopes may mend


In the dark where all hopes are turned
In which the gleam of happiness is never seen
There’s a sliver of light where my heart was burned
Where my dreams and nightmares lie in between

I really thought we’d stay together in years
Destined for each other we would always belong
You’d never break your promise, leave me in tears
Like the love dance of the swans we would be strong

But you crumbled my dreams of happy ever after
And somewhere down the line all fell apart
You started to stray and vanished hereafter
You gave me false hope and broke my heart

So I may have lost too many hopes in too many years
But with all my might I will fight till the bitter end
Even when the last words are merely sighs in fears
Because tomorrow is when broken hopes may mend


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge




He lives in a land of make-believe
Of trickery and invention
He creates a world where he can grieve
In order to get the opposite attention

They all think that he is very strong
But I recognise that it is all a sham
He is the centre for all things wrong
I can’t help to think it’s merely a scam

He puts up a very nice display
But I don’t think he thought it through
There comes a day he have to repay
The rebound of the feelings he threw

Because in the end he is just faking
And ‘crying wolf’ for way too long
For a heart that says it’s breaking
He surely knows that he is acting wrong

For his sake I hope there comes a day
He will shed his wolf’s disguise
Stops the masquerade and the play
Throws away the pretence and put down the lies


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge