He lives in a land of make-believe
Of trickery and invention
He creates a world where he can grieve
In order to get the opposite attention

They all think that he is very strong
But I recognise that it is all a sham
He is the centre for all things wrong
I can’t help to think it’s merely a scam

He puts up a very nice display
But I don’t think he thought it through
There comes a day he have to repay
The rebound of the feelings he threw

Because in the end he is just faking
And ‘crying wolf’ for way too long
For a heart that says it’s breaking
He surely knows that he is acting wrong

For his sake I hope there comes a day
He will shed his wolf’s disguise
Stops the masquerade and the play
Throws away the pretence and put down the lies


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge

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