Paintings on my wall



Just finished the last painting
The last painting on my wall
All different kinds of artwork
Some are giant, some are small

One is of my first meeting
With a cute neighbourhood boy
We danced and learned, we explored
And loved to play and enjoy

Another one is coloured
With all kinds of hues and shades
It must suggest my whirlwind
Of crazy thoughts and charades

On the wall above the stairs
I hung some flowery art
Every day I go to bed
It raises my weary heart

The last one I like the best
It stands for a family
It contains blobs and splashes
Sprouted from my fantasy

Garden of Serenity



Surrounding myself with stillness
I will not say a word, just hush
And banish the sound of shrillness
Enjoy the exuberant lush

Of my garden with its flowers
The grass so soft with morning dew
Awakened in the first hours
I charge myself within this view

My secretive place filled with light
Sunny places which look sublime
Where the peacefulness will ignite
My love will linger, shared through time

The rainbow colours fill my heart
And embrace my identity
With all the good I will impart
In my garden of serenity


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


Define the meaning of love


We loved each other for so long
After all this time still going strong
But although we vowed ‘you are mine’
Still something wasn’t really fine

Because when you love with all your heart
And no one can ever tear the two of you apart
You also want the world to share in the joy
And not hide your love as if you were coy

You don’t want your love to be hidden
And live your life as if it were forbidden
You also want to cross the final line
And tell your friends: her heart is mine

Well today the time has finally arrived
The celebration that was for so long denied
All our family and friends are there
To party and jubilate the love we share

Because love isn’t limited to the dissembler
Through happiness you will remember
That every day will feel more intense
If you can immerse yourself in the turbulence

Of love and laughter and harmony
That honesty and respect embrace you warmly
So let us enjoy this day of miracles and mystery
And define the meaning of love and rewrite history


I wish Horty and Maryjane a lifetime filled with loving memories


Red hat ladies


When I walked past I noticed 3 old ladies on a bench
They behaved high-spirited as they were simply a wench
At first sight I thought their retirement surely must have come
But they seem so talkative and very adventuresome

They sipped their coffee and were laughing like sweet little girls
Dressed with flowers on their bold red hats and earrings with pearls
Gossiping the morning away with scintillant laughter
I thought this was something everybody must sought after

Carefree and fearless they were dancing through their bursting lives
Filled with impartial love as girlfriends, grandmothers and wives
One of the white-haired ladies grinned and winked an flirty eye
When a man in his eighties on roller skates passed her by

I sniggered delighted and asked if I could join the fun
Let their joy ease my sorrow and let me in on the pun
But well of course dearest girl, they all 3 said straight away
Enjoy like you are without a care in the world and play

So from now on I have 3 new old souls for which I care
And you can guess the kind of headgear that I gladly wear
I bought myself a bouquet of flowers for my red hat
And I enjoy immensely from my daily fun and chat


The artwork of the 3 ladies is copyrighted by Patricia Brennan


My Fairy Godmother


She wished me prosperity and curiosity
As well as a generous state of mind
She wished me exuberant dreams in ferocity
And all the inspiration I could find

She taught me to have a conversation with the moon
And how to kiss a frog into a prince
To sip inspiration on a lazy afternoon
From the pool of wonderment and convince

That white pumpkins and fairytale coaches are the same
And sleeping in castles just takes a sheet
To create an enchanted wood or fairy wing frame
And caterpillars are just very neat

My fairy godmother gave me fireflies and dreams
Learned me that secret whispers must be loud
Tears are in truth colored candies who float into streams
And you can see miracles in a cloud


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge

The butterfly that flew


When you enjoy the evening sun under the willows
When you lay your head down on the pillows
When every second of your final day is clicking
When times passes by the clock of life is ticking

Remember that you stopped loving me
Remember that you would fervently disagree
Remember that you where ever feeling right
Remember that you are alone this night

When you remember that precise point in time
When you knew you where past your prime
When you felt sorrow and discontent
When you knew non of this was meant

Remember that I once loved you dear
Remember that I conquered your fear
Remember that I would always be with you
Remember that I was the butterfly that flew

My favourite toy : the pink bike


A young man comes to court
He must answer for his deed
Of all the things were tort
It was his time to treed

Instead of repent however
He comes with a story of his act
And thinking he was very clever
He stated things as they were fact

When he was just a little boy
He had everything his heart desired
He lived his life in smiling joy
And was by all greatly admired

He did not have to ask his mom
Whether it was a sandwich or a toy
Whatever he wished with great aplomb
His mom surfeit through excess cloy

He was always cheerful and content
Nothing too crazy or too weird
There was nothing of discontent
And his mom never interfered

But man, the judge said suddenly impatient
What was so bad, why did you go astray
Did you think the laws were of the ancient
Or did it not fill you with dismay

No sir, my mom is the sweetest of them all
She has always done everything for me
But she really never had the gall
To disturb me or set me free

So therefore I was traumatised and afraid
There is still the thing that I dislike
Because no matter how hard I begged and prayed
She never gave me a pink bike

So when I think of my favourite toy
That pink bike comes to mind
It’s what I really would enjoy
But that was the one thing she declined


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge





Can you learn me how to choose
How do I know what I need to use
There is so much on this wonderful earth
But how do I know what is worth

You gave me so much stuff
Don’t you think I had quite enough
I don’t need your presents anymore
But do you know what I would adore

Will you give me a sincere cuddle
Or do you think that is too much trouble
A pat on my head, a warm embrace
Ten kisses on my cheek just in case

Will you stay with me tonight
When the moon is shining bright
Can I lay my head to rest
In your arms and upon your chest

That would be the best present I ever get
A life without sorrow or regret
Because when you know all is right
I’ll give you a kiss and hold you tight