Define the meaning of love


We loved each other for so long
After all this time still going strong
But although we vowed ‘you are mine’
Still something wasn’t really fine

Because when you love with all your heart
And no one can ever tear the two of you apart
You also want the world to share in the joy
And not hide your love as if you were coy

You don’t want your love to be hidden
And live your life as if it were forbidden
You also want to cross the final line
And tell your friends: her heart is mine

Well today the time has finally arrived
The celebration that was for so long denied
All our family and friends are there
To party and jubilate the love we share

Because love isn’t limited to the dissembler
Through happiness you will remember
That every day will feel more intense
If you can immerse yourself in the turbulence

Of love and laughter and harmony
That honesty and respect embrace you warmly
So let us enjoy this day of miracles and mystery
And define the meaning of love and rewrite history


I wish Horty and Maryjane a lifetime filled with loving memories


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