Holiday Time

And then it is time for a well earned holiday.
I’m going to relax for a while in the south of France.
So no daily poetry and no prompts for a while.

Have fun and take good care.
I’ll see you when I get back. :-))



I close my eyes and look inside
I reach within and concentrate
Let the weariness subside
So that I can contemplate

I try to find the explanation
Of understanding and happiness
Where you can lay the foundation
Of merriment and togetherness

Only need to take a good look around
I watch the clouds float by
I know where happiness is found
I hear a newborn baby sigh

I see it in the magic of the stars
I can taste it in the raspberry
Or in a heart with healing scars
Or in the scent of lavender ecstasy

I can reach the highest mountain
To see the sun rise every day
Take a sip from a dewdrops fountain
And live my happy life my own way





I am so excited,
I have booked my holiday
We are driving to the south of France
Along the endless motorway

Together we will make the trip
It’s just over a thousand miles
Doesn’t matter how long it takes
We will bear it with our smiles

We are going to meet some friends
Lunch at the swimming pool terrace
And with a glass of wine in my hand
We stare at night at the Polaris

Then I think of all my friends
In the cold and still at work
I make a toast to all of you
With a whopping smirk





When I take a peek in the scrapbook of my life
The memories fill my old and weary heart
I think of all the fun things I have done
And appreciate it like a work of art

I recollect the games of ancient times
The masker for my beauty sleep
The empty elegant perfume bottles
The picnic basket that I still keep

The green tent reminds me of a holiday
With orange sun, blue see and yellow sand
Or the purple wig for the yearly carnival
At the festival where I gave a helping hand

Neatly folded I kept a piece of fabric
From the first dress that I made
It was a leftover of my bedroom curtain
Elegantly cut out from the heavy brocade

And tucked in the corner of a paper box
I find a ticket of the first movie we saw
And as strange as it might sound
An empty popcorn box and a shared straw

I open up a worn and torn address book
And I can see almost every face
I know that now they are old like me
But there are only a few that I misplace

I wonder if they have the same collections
In picture frames and boxes, just like mine
And take a sneaky peek now and then
To ensure that everything still is fine





I gave my husband a geocache today
Because he likes to play hide-and-seek
It is his favourite getaway
The highlight of the week

He goes out and tries to find
A geocache that’s been hiding
He really doesn’t mind
The miles he must be riding

On his new electric bike
He kicks the miles easily away
Or he is going for a hike
Enjoying himself the whole day

Geocaches come in different sizes
From very big to awfully small
You are always prepared for surprises
And sometimes it just needs a phone call

To one of his geocaching mates
There is always one with a reply
You can be sure that knowledge awaits
From a friend who drops by







I have written 25 poems in 25 days.
And I am actually drained
Suddenly the fun is totally gone
I am feeling a bit constrained

There are still five poems to go
It has gone from fun to obligation
I looked everywhere and nowhere
But I can’t find any inspiration

I will try to give it another day
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some motivation
But only if I can find new things
To write about without reservation



Locked all doors


I forgot what real love should be
Since the last time you held me in your embrace
You gave me back my broken heart
Said your final goodbyes, left without a trace

I will repair the stolen trust
Try to leave the hurt behind and close all doors
It takes some hard time to adjust
For as long as I’ve known I was always yours

Finally I let my love go
With lonely empty feelings, I gave up hope
Before the night is gone I know
I’ll be really fine, I’m sure that I can cope

I have locked all doors one by one
Just kept a special room in my heart for you
If you come back there will be none
Only some sad memories you put me through



Grandfather and Grandson


Grandpa is a jack of all trades
A baseball player with an awesome stroke
He is helping his grandson with his grades
A jolly man and always in for a cracking joke

Grandson is studious and very curious
He wants to know all grandpa knows
Doesn’t matter if it’s fact or mysterious
He wants to know the cons and pros

They are like hand and glove
And are the best of friends
Between them there is only love
A deep friendship that never ends




This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


Computer Crash


Grr …
I had a major crash down
Of my computer yesterday
I really had the urge
To throw it all away

Grr …
The anxiety was way to high
I didn’t feel okay
I have a commitment to uphold
But it’s all in disarray

Grr …
It’s alright if I can’t type my poem
I will use a pen, that’s okay
But when I can’t make my creations
I feel as if I’ll slip away

Grr …
I worked frantically
Until the early morning day
And tried to mend that link
So I could surprise you today



I can Fly


In the middle of the night
In my warm and cosy bed
I was in a ferocious fight
And petrified of the threat

I saw monsters and a ghost
Was fighting with the devil
Probably I should not boast
But I fought on a proficient level

I fiercely stabbed with my sword
Swung exaggerated with my flail
So much moves to be explored
There was no way that I could fail

But suddenly I forgot my goal
Fell down with my feet to the sky
I knew I have to pay the toll
Tumbled down, thinking I could fly

In an instant I was awake
Lying on the cold and bare floor
I started to tremble and shake
And realized I couldn’t soar