After a year of writing poems every day
I have almost reached my senility
But to avoid that I lose my ability
I need to go all the way

Just let my thoughts steer my pen
Use my imagination and versatility
But how great is the possibility
I write something great yet again

Only rhyme for rhyme is not enough
Where is the line between acceptability
Of craziness and adaptability
Or keeping your head high and being tough

I need to keep my standards high
How far can I go in admissibility
Of quality and comprehensibility
Before you will hue and cry

Jeremy gave us a prompt to enthral
Write a poem about invisibility
But how great is the probability
You then don’t see anything at all


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge



2 comments on “Invisibility

  1. Lol – great ending Marijke, made me laugh 😀 – I often question my sanity after continually writing consecutive poems, especially when trying to make them different. Your words and sentiment are very familiar, along with being comforting to hear. Well done for starting NaPoWriMo with a bang 🙂


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