Love whispers softly


In the little house on the elven hill
Where underneath the tiny elves are living
In their splendid palaces and castles
The bell tolls, for it is time for giving

In the great hall you can hear the music
And the whisperings of the growing grass
You’re mesmerized by the sparkling diamonds
Who are reflected in the crystal glass

You smell the scent of snow white moon flowers
Which erupt out of the glare of the sun
And are collected in a silver bag
With softly whispers of which love is spun


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


Tim McGraw

It is holiday throwback time


The minute I heard his song
I knew I was hooked for life
I’ve been searching for so long
And then to hear him so rife

His voice isn’t flawless
The words silly sometimes
But the rhythm give me solace
No need for perfect rhymes

He sings of love and pleasures
Of kisses, hearts and dances
All kinds of pretty treasures
And of failures and chances

He puts a smile on my face
A bouncing step in my heart
His joy is like an embrace
It just feels like I take part

I feel his love crumbling down
And I watch the wind blow by
I see trains passing ghost town
And I know grown men don’t cry

I love him for what he gave
Feelings of love, pains and wrongs
Of sorrow and misbehave
And real heartbreak in his songs


It is holiday throwback time


It is still in my heart
Cause you’re not here
It is still in my mind
Cause you’re not near

The silence is deafening
My mind is whirling mad
The gaping hole in my heart
It is hurting so bad

You left me way too soon
We weren’t finished yet
The emptiness in my soul
How am I suppose to forget

Your arms around my shoulder
Your kisses on my lips
Our sharing secrets told
We were no passing ships

A lifetime of quibbling
Of sharing joy and sadness
Now there’s nothing left for me
But heartache and madness

I know I must continue life
Whitout your loving touch
I will my love, I will
But I miss you so much

A vile prank


With severe shivering he stood
At the side of the river
Tired from his afternoon swim
His lips started to quiver

With searching eyes and a fierce look
He took a stare around him
Instead of enjoying nature
He stood there ever so grim

He searched under rocks and bushes
But nowhere he could detect
The pile of his clothes he left there
Since the last time that he checked

So where is the evil doer
The thug who did this vile prank
Wherever did he go and hide
He deserves a serious spank


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


Touch from heaven


Suddenly a contented smile traces my face
I thought I felt a tiny whisper on my cheek
It was as if I was finally touched by grace
And was led into the magnificent mystic

I was immersed in a bright starburst of pleasure
Release hit me, I let the moment draw me in
I knew I was given a tremendous treasure
And felt the passionate understanding within

This touch from heaven I was craving for so long
Gave me solace and a deep sense of connection
Your unimaginably deep love made me strong
It gave me inspiration, strength and protection




Driving down the road to happiness
I looked at you with an introverted smile
Because with every bump in the road
We came closer together mile after mile

I felt my love bouncing up and down
Saw the dazzling impact of the water drops
When they fell down in a sea of sand
With the certainty that our love never stops

It spreads out like the water’s rippling
When you cast unconditional love around
‘Cause what you freely give bounces back
And you know for sure when your soulmate is found


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s daily challenge


Love In Ten Lines



Patty of Petite Magique invited me to do the  “Love In Ten Lines Challenge”

So this is my piece:


Love vibrates the air

Love blows my mind

Memories of first love

Love pops like balloons

Love answers to honesty

Love heals broken thrust

Love dreams silent kisses

Love implies country songs

Undauntedness makes love strong

Love gives compassionate strength


I challenge:

Joke Devliegher

Peter Bouchier

Richard Ankers


John Coyote



The rules:

Write a piece about Love

Ten lines, each line has to have only 4 words, and the word love has to appear in each line.

The rest of the rules:

Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.

End the post with your favorite quote on love.

Nominate up to ten others who are up for the challenge, and

Let them know about the challenge.




Good luck everyone!



Impetuous Heart


In my land of make belief
Life can be very spontaneous
There will never be any grief
Everything else is miscellaneous

We play a game of elements
Of deception with rules of extremes
We juggle with the sentiments
Of magic moments and dreams

We would love to be incautious
To wear our funny hats proud
All responsibility is suppositious
All hotheadedness is allowed

We dance upon air and temptation
When chasing the fire anyone takes part
This is the power of creation
The imagination of my impetuous heart

Never let me go


He told me I was stupid
That I couldn’t do anything right
He made me feel I was worth nothing
That is why he kept me tight

He cuts me off from people
Who loved me and were special to me
He made me feel stupid and obliged
And convinced me heatedly

He taught me how to obey
And pushed me around, drove me to tears
He was the only one I needed
Then caressed away the fears

He made me beg for my life
Then he handed out the final blow
And made sure I truly understood
He would never let me go