Tim McGraw

It is holiday throwback time


The minute I heard his song
I knew I was hooked for life
I’ve been searching for so long
And then to hear him so rife

His voice isn’t flawless
The words silly sometimes
But the rhythm give me solace
No need for perfect rhymes

He sings of love and pleasures
Of kisses, hearts and dances
All kinds of pretty treasures
And of failures and chances

He puts a smile on my face
A bouncing step in my heart
His joy is like an embrace
It just feels like I take part

I feel his love crumbling down
And I watch the wind blow by
I see trains passing ghost town
And I know grown men don’t cry

I love him for what he gave
Feelings of love, pains and wrongs
Of sorrow and misbehave
And real heartbreak in his songs

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