Calm Delight


I wandered along the creek
And took another clearer look
And saw an amazing streak
Reflected in my garden nook

Sweet aroma flows around
Inside my covered garden wall
With closed eyes I heard the sound
When the warm spring air heed its call

Total seclusion of my place
In my secret world of solitude
I relish the chirping space
My worn heart fills with gratitude

I see myself in the stream
The rippling water clear and bright
When I saw the moon’s first gleam
I knew I dreamt in calm delight


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge


I wondered


I wondered

If I could go back in time, where would I go
To the eighties with the Tracey Ullman show
Or watching E.T. and listening to Queen
With the biggest hairstyles you have ever seen

Or would I go to the industrial age
Lavish in science fiction and fantasy
Of the Victorian-era and engage
In alternative steam punk and ecstasy

I wondered

Would I rather be the lady in distress
To be saved by a handsome round table knight
And when my castle was to be repossessed
He would protect me against evil and fight

Or could I make up a pipe dream illusion
That I was born with magical elven blood
Or dragon tears and came to the conclusion
I conquered the world with terrifying flood

I wondered

Would I have had the same dreams and ambitions
And cherished the values of times long ago
Could I have lived with unyielding traditions
Or would I have easily sailed with the flow

I’m not really sure to where I would have gone
Maybe I just like to stay in my own time
Where I can dream and fantasize and move on
To a poem with flowing rhythm and rhyme


Journey for a thousand mile

It is holiday throwback time


Once in a while you are feeling sad
You worked so hard and had such high hopes
It doesn’t mean that something is bad
It just desolates you when life gropes

Sometimes you need a bit of sureness
The knowing that you did it alright
A little bit of pure and greatness
A sudden awareness of delight

And then you suddenly realize
Only you yourself can be the one
That decide if you will compromise
Or that you will dance around the sun

A pat on the back from a stranger
Can lift you up, leaves you feeling good
But you must realize the danger
Of not really knowing that you could

Be yourself, love yourself and then smile
Because you did find your own power
You are proud and happy for awhile
You’ll flourish and grow like a flower

Just like the beanstalk growing higher
On your lonely flight to meet the sun
Your wings smoldering into the fire
The knowingness that you are the one

The one who dares to live and loves life
The one who can say to all of man
That whatever happens you’ll survive
And live your life the best way you can

So when the sadness overwhelms you
Close your eyes and believe for a while
Know your troubles will pass right on through
On your journey for a thousand mile


I am Lost in a Blaze of Need

It is holiday throwback time


I am lost in a blaze of need
The urge to want to find you
But I only sense my heart to bleed
Your promise didn’t come through

I need your words like soft bells
I close my eyes and listen
to the whispering of your spells
Like sparkling sapphires they glisten

I need the touch of your hand
Your breath upon my face
Because your tinge I understand
You secured me in your embrace

I need your calm and energy
The serenity of you
Because you and I are synergy
Like the merge of drops of dew

So baby please come home to me
I’ve searched you for so long
Apart we were never meant to be
Together we remain strong

Our hearts are meant to beat as one
Like the windchime tunes
Together we have always won
Like beachgrass in the sand dunes


Damaged heart


By the loud cracking sound of her heart
She felt the organ splintered apart
Unwanted love gave her restless sleep
None of all was intended to keep

She thought if she would persevere
And hold on without chilling fear
Undauntedness would be enough
To have had returned equal love

But fate drew its own whimsical course
Genuine love is not to enforce
Wanting what’s hopeless would be in vain
She would never be the same again

She tried to hide her ugly scars
Not behind sharp thistles or bars
But to mask it with stunning art
On the edge of her damaged heart


Waiting, waiting

Marny_ (104)

Yep, it’s hospital time again.

Waiting, waiting, all day long

Alone in bed on my back

‘Till the docter comes along

I am feeling like a wreck

Please tell me please what is wrong

Why I’m feeling so down

I really thought I was strong

But now I’m feeling rundown

Like a trainwreck passing by

Not yet certain of it’s faith

My body heaves a big sigh

Destined to be a grand wraith

Thousands of Tomorrow’s

It is holiday throwback time


I would give you thousands of tomorrow’s if it were up to me
If only my hands could heal you, but that wasn’t meant to be
I would spin a cocoon around you so you could see
But it’s only you who can set your mind free

I can take you by the hand and lead you the way
But in the end it is you who has to say
That whatever comes and whatever may
It’s still your damaged heart you have to obey

I will stand beside you so you can lean
You can see in the mirror what I have seen
And feel your soul and sense what I mean
That your inner beauty can be calm and serene

So in the darkest moments of your life think of me
And if the light is not as it used to be
And there’s no future in your mind to see
Take my hand and let your thoughts blow free