Jim Morrison


On the shores of Venice Beach
He feels a rebellious urge
To expand himself to teach
And find he is on the verge

He composed his songs non stop
And wrote his wild lyrics down
Like rock beat on the rooftop
And challenged us for his crown

His apparent recklessness
Or air of subdued menace
Improvising carelessness
Starts at the beach of Venice


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge



We don’t want to share


We live in a world of abundance
But we simply do not want to share
Who knows there comes a difficult time
Where we require extensive care

The prospect that there is nothing left
Gives us a creepy and dreadful fright
We’re afraid of losing everything
We lost humanity out of sight

So we keep saying stay where you are
Do not leave your country or your home
The world isn’t a very nice place
It will be much safer not to roam

And every night on the evening news
We see your starvation and despair
And in our cosy and loving homes
We still wonder how much you can bear

I see the tears and the sunken cheeks
My heart is bleeding and rips apart
And with suffocation of my soul
I shamefully open up my heart


A Thousand Dances


I dreamed last night that you would give me a fair chance
So I could hold you in my arms at the last dance
As if we danced a thousand dances together
We endlessly waltzed the night in summer’s weather

You left me breathless with your penetrating gaze
I felt empyrean in your soundless appraise
As if we spoke a thousand senseless wordless words
We shared a strong feeling of freedom, just like birds

But then you hurt me, you said I didn’t belong
You knew from the start that all was utterly wrong
As if a spiral sucked my heart into the void
It did hurt as if I was thoroughly destroyed

How strange that you led me first to heavenly bliss
Took me by the hand and gave me a soaring kiss
As if you guided me to the end of the shore
Then clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly anymore


Hidden Stories



I live in a simple house on top of the hill
The paint on the woodwork has already faded
No one is hearing my cries, I keep myself still
It has been a long time when someone invaded

I let the seawind blow my gloomy thoughts away
After all my disillusions I closed my door
I hide my desolate tears in a rainy day
Because no one I knew comes along anymore


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge