Nothing needs to be said



I stare at my computer
Nothing comes to mind
My fingers on the keyboard
Feelings undefined

I want to share this picture
Need to let you know
That in the previous years
I’ve let my love show

In all the little gestures
Poems, hugs and cards
I gave them always freely
With my kind regards

Today the tables are turned
Now I need some aid
Just a little hug or two
Then my day is made

I think of all my girlfriends
Very far away
And yet so close together
Brightening up my day

So all my friends I thank you
For your friendly care
I never stop to love you
We are quite the pair


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge


Wild hours of surrender

Wild hours of surrender

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
If you would enter my impetuous dream with me
Into my domain where nothing is kind or tender
And only passion and turbulence exists to be

I ran a sharp fingernail down your chest
You could scarce control the urge to grab me
Just pulled me ferocious against your breast
Tried to limit your craze to some degree

Ached for me to follow all the way through
Your control slipped with every brazen word
And by the time you whimpered and withdrew
You had my innards feverishly stirred

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
Of my undreamed sensual passion and secret yearning
But I would rather like to remain a pretender
‘Cause once I tell you, my dreams wouldn’t be returning


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge




My husband gave me a teddybear
It lies on my pillow next to me
And in bitter times of great despair
It gives me solace to some degree

I went to sleep with pain and sorrow
My tense heart was hurting for a while
I held the bear until the morrow
And I woke up rested with a smile


Urban Reflections


I hear the soughing of the tram over the rails
In the fast whiz I see a reflection mirrored
Of the comfortable pub along the canal
And the advertisement on the bulletin board

Bright neon lights and screaming colours fill the air
The rails shine with raindrops in unusual ways
And on the footpath that flows like a labyrinth
People follow each other in a polonaise

I step outside my box and search for perspectives
In the puddles I can see the abstract movement
And the symmetry of interesting angles
Capturing urban reflections on the pavement


This is my contribution for the challenge of Jeremy’s Daily Challenge


Dear Diary


At the closing of daylight
I wanted to let you know
What’s happening in my heart
And that it’s been long ago
That I wrote my feelings down
Or discussed with anyone
That I cried bittersweet tears
When my happiness was gone
When life threw me a curve ball
His support made me feel whole
He shielded me and my child
And owned a part of my soul
His strong embrace kept me warm
When my whole life fell apart
He touched me with affection
And took a piece of my heart
These days it is only me
The one who hears my heartbeat
Sense the loneliness pounding
And think of the past so sweet
My dear and patient diary
I just wanted you to know
With your blank pages waiting
I’m capable to let go

Butterfly in my window

Butterfly in my window


There’s a butterfly in my window
In colors of all shades and hues
She flutters with her translucent wings
And softly blows away the blues

Suddenly I can hear my soul sing
I sense the place where I belong
In rhythm with the hum of the sky
I follow the tune of the song

Don’t want to hold on to broken trust
Or wanting to come back to you
I only want the freedom to fly
Just like the bright butterflies do