I never understood


I never understood
The why and the how
How she laid the blame
Of all the things she did
To me without shame

I never understood
How nobody saw
The evilness of what she did
Why they just believed her word
How she just kept it hid

I never understood
After all these years
No one voiced their opinion
She broke and manipulated
Still managed to be the minion

I never understood
Why the hurt so deep
Lasted over all the years
Only to, in my menior days
Finally cut through my fears

I still don’t understand
Why nobody cared
Enough to safe my life
To pull me out of this hell
And the madness of the strife


Last Day


When my last day has come
My love please let me be
A  simple flower is enough
Your endless love will set me free

No long speeches for me
Let me stay in your heart
And some day we will meet again
Our hearts no longer be apart

Just celebrate my life
Of who I am and was
Strong and loving, fun and caring
With all my weaknesses and flaws

Remember me for all
And I will wait for you
By that sparkling star left above
I reserved a table for two

Take your time I will wait
For eternity and more
My love for you will everlast
Like endless breakers on the shore


Just Patty


You can give a child strong foundations
So powerfull that they break away
And when they exceed your expectations
There is only one thing to say

Fly my little girl, grab your wings
Let the world know that you are here
Musing upon many things
Your mind bright and clear

You gave us so much to think
And you never lost control
Sometimes you were on the brink
With confessions of a lost soul

Fly my little girl, the world is yours to play
Never let your heart be still
And whatever people may say
Just listen to you own will



Feeling blue


Negative thoughts all around
Pulling the life out of you
All your feelings to be drowned
Leaves you to feel somewhat blue

Fiery temper is all that’s left
And that behaviour so violent
Leaves me thinking I am bereft
Nothing left but to be silent

I have no more patience with you
You have chosen not to trust me
There is no more time to rescue
There’s almost nothing left of me


My heart is pounding


My heart is pounding, pounding
it doesn’t know the rhythm anymore
My brain finds it amazing
the things my heart is crying for

The brain is swelling, swelling
My skull is way too small
for the thoughts of compassion
for my loved ones above all

My skin is crawling, crawling
My hair just stands upright
Something creepy is coming
I’ll close my eyes real tight

My feet are running, running
Just right up to the edge
No do not worry, I will not jump
That I can solemnly pledge

The clock turns to midnight
Time to go to sleep
I’ll cuddle up into your arms
Because you’re mine to keep