Love In Ten Lines



Patty of Petite Magique invited me to do the  “Love In Ten Lines Challenge”

So this is my piece:


Love vibrates the air

Love blows my mind

Memories of first love

Love pops like balloons

Love answers to honesty

Love heals broken thrust

Love dreams silent kisses

Love implies country songs

Undauntedness makes love strong

Love gives compassionate strength


I challenge:

Joke Devliegher

Peter Bouchier

Richard Ankers


John Coyote



The rules:

Write a piece about Love

Ten lines, each line has to have only 4 words, and the word love has to appear in each line.

The rest of the rules:

Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.

End the post with your favorite quote on love.

Nominate up to ten others who are up for the challenge, and

Let them know about the challenge.




Good luck everyone!