Je suis Charlie




Who are you to take our art away
Who are you to make us hurt
Who are you to make us obey
Who are you to take us your dirt

You really think that when you are near
We get our lives completely sealed
We stop living because of the fear
And we never will be healed

Who are you to think you are the ruler of our world
Who are you to take away the life of me
Who are you to make us tightly furled
Who are you to choke us of not feeling free

Freedom of expression is our top priority
We don’t need a god ruling, we don’t need a crown
And because we are still a majority
You will never get us down


Here Be Monsters

Someone asked me who is God
And I answered I am God
So I need to decide for myself
If I will be impressed or be awed

I have to make my mind up
Will I hate or will I love
Shall I gather green dragons
Or just a simple white dove

Are the monsters going to haunt me
Or are the fireflies having a ball
It is just very simple
I love people above all


When you go on a journey, you discover that the world is full of dangerous people.  My life has been no different.  I’ve come far and faced off against many villains.

For example, when I was a child, I was told that evil American capitalists wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on me.  But then I moved to a different land and found out that it was, in fact, evil Russian Communists who wanted to drop a nuclear bomb on me.  That was confusing, but then things got even more complicated.

When I lived by the northern European seas, abortion and gay rights were considered good things, and anybody who opposed them was strange.  But when I lived in the American desert, I learned that abortion and homosexuality were sins, and anybody who supported them was immoral.  Now I live by the Pacific Ocean, and once again it’s those who…

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Did you?


Did you play with the fairies today?
Or grow angel wings
Braid the hair of a mermaid
Did you fly to the moon
or ride on a unicorn?

How is it possible that you are boared.
You have got so much things to do.