Thank you earth, Funtime in heaven


Thank you earth

My grandmother relayed me a message
She’s been resting in heaven for a while
Lately it became awfully boring
They were in desperate need for a smile

Most residents were sleepy and dozing
There was nothing to do, they’ve seen it all
No stimulation, no fun anymore
They needed to have a masquerade ball

Then last week suddenly everything changed
David Bowie came singing swift around
Putting the biggest smile on our faces
With his ever-changing heroic sound

We like to see him as the conductor
Of a fascinating glam rocky band
He orchestrated his album black star
A swansong of a shocking end he planned

Shortly he was followed by an actor
With an ultimate two-faced devious mind
Alan Rickman brought us true mystery
Of an insightful incantations kind

We see him as headmaster of heaven
To teach us how to ensnare the senses
At the same time how to bewitch the mind
To bottle fame and wand-wave defences

And then our Rene Angelil followed
He took control of heaven right away
Because managing is in his genes
He’s always tidying all disarray

He took us swift to the bingo table
And let us choose a mesmerizing song
So David could be angelic singing
And headmaster Alan would play along

So now at length it’s fun time in heaven
We keep our coloured translucent wings furled
For the bottled fame, the high-roller stakes
And for the man who could have sold the world

La Patron


She was the Goddess and she gave him a mission
He would accept this task without hesitation
The Goddess gave him her blessing and full support
And handpicked the only true one as his consort

He was as imperious as a man could be
In upholding the standards of the old decree
So when someone or something quietly changed the rules
He reacts fearless and gathers required tools

She was the one promised to him by the Goddess
An unsurpassable treasure trove of promise
Whatever he needs she would without doubt provide
They’d live together and rule the world side by side

The mating call was answered and wishes fulfilled
Their first litter of pups left him angry, but thrilled
Her life was stirring and spiralled out of control
But they found their love was strong and learned to console

When the enlarged wolves den grew stronger and stronger
She realizes she’s not weak any longer
Their combined forces take on the mighty challenge
And with the help of the Goddess they find balance

They want the entire nation to celebrate
That the great gift from the Goddess will dedicate
Their reign in providing harmony and unity
And love and commitment for the community



Sydney Addae


I don’t know her that well and yet
She’s not someone you will forget
She has this crazy fantasy
Of worlds outside reality

And as eccentric as it sounds
Her fascination has no bounds
She writes about wolves and forces
I wonder what are her sources

You really need a twisted mind
Imagination undefined
Visions of creative power
Or exciting superpower

She flirts with a seductive phrase
Puts a naughty smile on your face
Her stories of wolves in disguise
Are a very pleasant surprise

Luscious girls and powerful men
Form the strong basis of a den
Titillating stories of force
Without restraint, without remorse

So my lady, I bow my head
Of all the books that I have read
Yours are the ones I’ll remember
Spicy words glowing like ember


The White wolf


Lonely she wandered through the barren mountains
In search for something she didn’t yet understand
She drank from the water of nature’s fountains
And to nourish herself she ate from the land

She disguised herself as much as she could be
Because her white fur was clearly visible
In the background of bushes and a bare tree
She could never afford to be fallible

When the snow melted and spring was almost near
She knew she had to move further up the hills
That incomprehensive feeling still unclear
The inexplicable yearning gave her thrills

Suddenly this restless feeling disappeared
Resplendent love overflowed her unfilled heart
And all of the loneliness she ever feared
Could not have prepared her for this glorious start

There was a heartfelt and instant connection
Her world now bathed in dazzling radiant light
The lonely black wolf stroked her with affection
She finally knew that her world would be all right



The Wolf’s den


Look at the piercing glance in his eye
The way he sees it all
His thick fur, dark and high
Standing on all fours wide and tall

Look at his beautiful mate
She is all he ever needs
Ruling the pack was their fate
She follows where he leads

When times in trouble have arrived
They combine their strength
And make sure everyone survived
Whatever it takes to any length

That is the power of the pack
The togetherness is strong
There is nothing holding them back
Together they ruled so long

Treasure hunt


They are hidden everywhere
The fair treasures of your life
You can find them anywhere
With odd shapes and colours rife

You can find them in your dances
Or in your poetry and songs
Life is just a set of chances
A treasure chest that belongs

Your life is like a scrapping card
With different bits of pieces
The feelings you don’t disregard
Your wellbeing just increases

So if you find some scraps around
Don’t throw them thoughtlessly away
Because some time in your life you found
You should have saved it for today


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning


Monday morning starts really good
Cleaning day for the living room
I am just in the proper mood
And starting out with my white plume

Then I’m getting the vacuum cleaner out
With a hum in my throat and not fearing
Because without a shadow of a doubt
All that very dirty filth is clearing

The windowpanes are next in line to do
I am standing on the steps really high
Sighing because it is long overdue
When suddenly I see some bright clear sky

Well that’ll be nice for a change
Clean windows and a fine fresh smell
You would think it is very strange
My spirit is lifted as well

Then suddenly I hear a zooming noise
Something is disturbing me in my sleep
I realise I’m in a state of poise
Don’t want to end this dream I need to keep

But then the reality keeps kicking in
It is time to get out of my warm bed
And then I understand with a huge grin
There’s only a little cat to be fed

Today I don’t have anything to do
It’s not my task to do the house today
I remember just in time it is true
The nice cleaning lady is here to stay



A smile on my face


I saw a picture the other day
It put a smile on my face
It was a kitten gone astray
I followed her just incase

She searched in the alley
To the right and to the left
She wasn’t dilli-dally
She didn’t look she was bereft

She conducted a deliberate course
She knew where she needed to go
Because the smell of the source
Was almost touchable you know

And yes finally there it was
In the corner behind a box
A tiny creature with sharp claws
Blowing and screeching like a fox

The little kitten was surprised
Of the enormous noise that was produced
It almost looked a wolf disguised
Her self-confidence was reduced

She meowed and fluffed her back real high
Than blew very hard as if to say
You can screech but you cannot defy
Today you are going to be my prey

The little creature then stood tall
Her head upright real proud
I am not afraid of you at all
And with a gorgeous smile she bowed

She fluffed her feathers and turned away
With pride in her tiny eyes
And when she was almost halfway
She shook her wings what was unwise

Because that little hesitation
Caused a stir in the little cat
And with great dedication
She jumped on top and that was that

She cleaned her whiskers and her paws
And with a big smile on her face
She stretched her tiny claws
From the little bird there was no trace

So if you see a little kitten
Don’t ever think she is incapable
Because there never has been written
That a kitten can’t be terrible

The first time


At the first blush
I felt young and smiled
At the touch of your hand
My heart went wild

In the first instance
I thought I saw it wrong
Your eyes stopped sparkling
You were no longer strong

In the first flight
Of the birds I cried
My heart stopped beating
I knew you died

At the first opportunity
I screamed but you weren’t there
Darkness came over me
You were not here to care

For the first time
I was all alone
You took your wings
Your soul had flown

Brand New Smile


It’s just me you are looking at
Plain and simple, just and fair
A nice lady with a ginger cat
A few friends who are worth my care

I have a honest smile to give
And a heartwarming word
Always the first to forgive
As long as it is not too absurd

My life is peaceful and serene
Nothing fancy or surreal
Just an easy going routine
So let me tell you how I feel

When my joints starts to ache
And any movement is hard to bear
When my perseverance is about to break
And I am in the depth of my despair

Trapped in a nightmare of violence
What I really want to do is scream
Drift in the middle of silence
And wish it was just a bad dream

I want to tear everything apart
With scratching nails on the board
To kill the madness of my burning heart
With the playing of a wrong chord

So if you need me and I am not there
Just wait in patience for a little while
I’ll be back, don’t know when or where
Like a phoenix with a brand new smile


Phoenix drawing ©