The Psychologist


“Good afternoon, please ma’am, sit down. Take it easy. Put your feet on the sofa and tell me what’s wrong. ”

The psychologist pulls a leather armchair closer and puts a notepad on his lap. With his pen poised, he looks at me kindly.

I melt away under the approving look in his eyes. Confused and rubicund I start to stutter. Oh dear, how can I talk myself out of here now. I really do not want to tell him what is bothering me. However, my GP thought it was best I would bring a visit to a psychologist to organize my thoughts. Since I couldn’t blame him, I plucked up courage and here I am. On the sofa with the psychologist. If it had been an old unattractive guy I could have managed to squeeze me through, but this psychologist is a piece of art. The girls among us probably know what I mean. Just a hunk, the kind where you might want to bite a piece of. Where you, with great pleasure, might want to put your hands on his buttocks and have a nice squeeze. Having fun, hmmm.

And so I have a major problem. Because how can you tell such a good looking piece that you get spontaneously a soaking wet cunt when seeing this kind of fine specimen. So much so that it would be better to wear panty liners to prevent the visibility of snails tracks. I close my eyes and try to avoid a wet spot on the sofa.

I try to banish all thoughts of him and think of crazy, ugly and scary things. I look around and see a prickly cactus on his desk. It is an ugly thing, and the spines should not induce erotic thoughts, but if I take a good look at the form of the cactus, I can suddenly vividly imagine how that thing goes up and down inside me. Ohhh I feel my juices all flow. Oh no, I shake my head to banish those thoughts and focus on something else.

Behind the desk on the wall are frames with the usual qualifications, but also one in which the psychologist proudly stands with a huge carp in his hands. I hate fish, but when I see the careless way the rod leans against him, I realize that you can make a delicious whip with a swishing tip. Ohhh my juices now flow much faster and I squeeze my legs tight together. Come on girl, think of something else. I swallow with difficulty and try to think about something else.

I look at the psychologist and see a hideous tie loosely knotted around his neck and suddenly imagine how it is draped around my eyes and knotted behind my head so I can’t see. I realize that it might not be such a bad idea because everywhere I look, I see something that makes me horny. I slowly start panting and really do my best to find somewhere else to think about. Suddenly I hear background music: a piece by Bach and spontaneously my clit starts pulsate to the beat. Neehee, I close my eyes and try to make my thoughts empty.

I turn my head and see the horrible brown shoes with shoelaces of the psychologist. In my mind I see those shoelaces grow until they become long ropes and that I love being tied up in a seductive position. Oh, what did I do today. I can think about nothing else. I get startled when I feel a hand on my arm.

“Little Miss, are you okay? Your time is up. Shall we make a new appointment for next week? Same time, same place? ”

I give him a radiant smile and I am glad I got through this session unscathed.

Of course good looking hunk, I think, of course I come back next week.

I’m struck

I notice that something is not quite right as my normal
heart rate increases from 68 to 110 beats per minute. I
start to sweat a little. I lie on my back with my knees on
either side of my head and my butt in the air. The fireman
is trying to push a large fire hose in my bowels. When he
succeeds he puts me up on my feet and stands behind me. He
firmly grabs my breasts and when he squeezes, my mouth
automatically goes wide open. There comes a big jet of
water out. The harder he squeezes, the more powerful the
beam. If he squeezes my left breast, my head goes to the
left and when he squeezes my right breast, my head is
turning to the right. The fireman has not yet realized that
the harder he squeezes the higher the fire flares up. My
heart is now in the frantic pace of 180 beats per minute.
Then my subconscious comes suddenly to life and I realize
the water is freezing. An icy cry escapes my lips and I cry
Bathed in sweat I wake up. I lie stretched out in my bed,
my love is on his side and rubs gently over my naked belly.
“Nightmare darling?” He asks friendly.
“Ahhhhhhh.” More words don’t come past my vocal cords, and
a moment later when the shivers come down my spine, I know
I’m struck by the first wave of the flue.

A silver thread


A silver thread …

The little girl Indra was just like a ball of wool rolled up in her bed and wept. Her mom had heard the soft cries and came to look at her.
“What is it, dear”, she asked with a warm voice.
“I’m so scared, Mommy.”
Mama lifted the little girl out of her bed and took her to the garden. She sat down on the porch swing with Indra in her arms and rocked her gently back and forth.
“Tell Mama, but why you’re so afraid. Have you seen strange things? Or are you scared of a sound?”
Indra shook her head and said in a hoarse voice: “I’m so afraid I’ll lose you, Mommy. When I go to sleep, I’m afraid you are not there when I wake up.”
Mom closed her arms tighter around her daughter.
“But, my baby girl, don’t you know that you can not get rid off me. You and I are stuck together.”
Cheerful smiling she looked at her little girl. Indra looked questioningly up and dried her tears.
“How can we stuck together”, said Indra as she looked at her arms and legs. “I don’t see a string.”
Her mom laughed loudly and said: “That is something you can’t see, only mommies and daddies can see that string. I have a silver thread tied to my wrist and the other end is fixed to you. Sometimes it is to your leg, and another time at a lock of your hair, but you’re always fastened on my silver thread. So wherever you are, I can always feel you.”
Indra rubbed her hand on one leg and then she felt her curls. “But I feel nothing, Mommy.”
“You know what? If you have your eyes tightly squeezes, then perhaps you can see the silver thread.”
Indra closed her eyes tightly and began to laugh.
“Oh, Mommy,” she looked surprised to her mommy. “I see a white stripe.”
Mom looked at her little girl with big eyes: “How wonderful. Do you know that this is very rare. But you know what that means?”
Giggling and curious Indra danced back and forth on the lap of her mother.
“That means you never have to worry that you can’t find mommy. If you close your eyes and you see the white line, then you know I am around.”

Tring, tring.
The doorbell rings. Indra jumps from the lap of her mother and skips to the frontdoor. There she waits for her mom and together they open the door. To their great surprise grandma is standing on the sidewalk.
Indra jumps into the arms of her grandma and starts telling that a silver thread is connecting her to her mom​​.
Elated Grandma laughs full and says: “Yes, but of course, I also have a string tied to your mom. Because she may well live on the other side of the country, I always know where she is.”
Indra looks at the hands of her grandmother, but can not find a silver thread. She squeezes her eyes shut and again she sees a white stripe.
“Yes, Grandma. I can see it.”

Later that evening grandmother brings her to bed.
“Goodnight dear Indra, dream about the silver thread. Now you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

Happy birthday Carolina


She is real, she is fun
She has a beautiful smile
Like the radiation of the sun
You love to be around for a while

Her house her pride and joy
Her hubby which she loves so dear
Her doggie playful with its toy
Their love grows every year

Today it is her birthday
She turns the big 5 0
But on this special tuesday
It really doesn’t show

So my pretty lady girlfriend
I wish you many years to come
You saved all the cards I’ve send
You know where they came from

From a heart filled with peace
Of oneness and harmony
Our friendship will increase
This is our path of destiny

Happy birthday Carolina

For my birthday boy


Today is the birthday of my eldest son Joey.
He is 36 and I am so thankful that he is here, for just a few weeks ago he took that same flight to Malaysia.
The day he got back from his journey he took his girls to the beach.
Pockets full with shells and a most gracious memory.
So I made a special layout with my poem Treasure hunt for him and his beautiful daughters.
I wish you many years of happiness and inner wisdom.


My son Joey left last night to Maleisia yet again to do some specialists work on the Solitaire. I wish him a swell time.


Solitaire  is the largest pipelaying vessel in the world and has set new standards in the pipelay industry.
Operational since 1998 and optimised for laying medium and large diameter pipelines at high speed, she is highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.

Precise manoeuvring on full dynamic positioning (DP) allows Solitaire to work safely in congested areas and lay pipes in very deep water.
Pipeline start-ups and lay-downs are executed in very quick time ensuring that any disruption to other activities near platforms is minimised.

Due to her length and ship shape, she can accommodate multiple work stations and a greater pipe hold capacity, while her independence from anchor handlers and large buffer capacity ensure she is less
reliant on offshore pipe supply.

Solitaire  has achieved pipelay speeds in excess of 9 km/day, operating the latest version of Phoenix, the automatic welding system developed and manufactured in-house.
As a result of the large number of welding stations on board, Solitaire  is capable of installing over 1,000 km of pipeline in a single year, while her average pipelaying speed on large projects is almost double that of the largest competing lay vessels.

Solitaire  has laid numerous deepwater pipelines. In 2007 she set the world record for ultra-deepwater pipeline installation, laying pipe to a depth of 2,775 m (9,100 ft) in the Gulf of Mexico.Solitaire’s high cruising speed, high laying speed and substantial carrying capacity make her highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.