Holiday Time

And then it is time for a well earned holiday.
I’m going to relax for a while in the south of France.
So no daily poetry and no prompts for a while.

Have fun and take good care.
I’ll see you when I get back. :-))

Amazing Blogger: Marijke!

She is my stephdaughter-in-law.
She is joy.
She is fun.
She is crazy.
She is amazing.
Just Patty is her name.
And she is the most endearing girl I ever met.
I love her to pieces.


Every week I want to share an amazing blogger with you all, so you can check out their blogs and maybe make some new friends!

All of these bloggers have amazed me with their art, kind heart, friendship and skills.

You ready? Here we go!


Meet Marijke

–> <–

A little about Marijke

I am Marijke,

I am creative, I write poems in English and short stories in Dutch, I paint and I read (all day long).

Sometimes I love to be the devil’s advocate. I am one of two extremes.

But I am also caring and a lover of life.

(She forgets to mention that’s she’s my stepmother in law as well) 😉

Marijke makes enchanting art that she combines with beautiful words.

A couple of my favorites:


It is so easy to drown in your sorrow

 It is so easy to always feel your pain

 It is…

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Dedicated to Danny. Happy 8th anniversary my love!

I know she loves him. I love him too.
She is my daughter-in-law.
I know he loves her. I love her too.
He is my son.
Happy anniversary Patty and Danny


happy-anniversaryToday is our 8th anniversary of marriage.

How someone managed to stay married to me for 8 years and still haven’t had enough of me is a miracle, but I don’t question it for a second! 😉


 This is dedicated to the love of my life. Danny, I love you so much!




Hesitating rays of sunlight

Kissing the morning dew

Softly pushing away the night

And I see you


Dawn awakens in glory

The sky purple and blue

Wonderful and breathtaking beauty

And I touch you


The lazy sun arises

This golden colored preview

A sight that still amazes

And I hold you


Morning is here

Fresh and sparkling new

Another day’s premier

And I kiss you

Just Patty


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Patty van Delft

Welkom op deze gloednieuwe site van Patty van Delft, de schrijfster van de fantasy trilogie Drägan Duma.


Op deze site kun je informatie vinden over de boeken en de schrijfster, exclusief artwork bewonderen en word je op de hoogte gehouden van alle nieuwtjes rondom deze serie en kun je op de voet volgen wat er allemaal komt kijken bij het schrijven en publiceren van een boek.


Als je niets wilt missen kun je in het menu links op de ‘Volg button’ klikken en ontvang je alle nieuwe posts automatisch in je email!

Veel leesplezier!



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